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Left-Right Politics Today posts opinions from all political perspectives for comparative political discussion.

Many people focus only on the news from their particular political interest and view only sites with political perspectives slanted to their viewpoints, without listening and learning about the other perspective. We strive to consider all perspectives on current political issues and to actually listen and understand the opposing viewpoints. We therefore welcome all viewpoints and opinions. You can get your opinions heard by Posting in our Community Forums or Submitting an Editorial.

Recent Editorial Posts

The Trade-Off

Socialism Republicans equate it to communism and Democrats fear using the word. So, let’s examine it and make some things clear. Under communism, the government has absolute control.  In this system no individual is permitted more privilege or property...

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Effective US Economy

The President would have us believe that his tax cuts are the panacea for a great economy.  One could hardly argue that tax cuts for the middle class are beneficial.  The problem with the administration's cuts is that they are modest for the middle class...

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Building the Wall

In the 1960s, California lettuce growers needed workers for their fields. To hire Americans, the managers had to pay the government mandated minimum wage, which they opposed. Many Republicans opposed it also, though it was the law. Lettuce growers decided...

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Honoring Our Flag

It isn't difficult to understand the frustration of black Americans who see their compatriots killed by white officers in seemingly unreasonable and highly questionable arrests. As a white American who has had some considerable associations with police, I...

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During the heart of the Vietnam war, we heard similar phrases: "peace with honor," "additional forces," "successful conclusion." This was empty, meaningless rhetoric to the nearly 60,000 Americans who died "ending communist aggression." When America left...

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