Bakers and the Religious Freedom Act  


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28/07/2018 1:13 pm  

Question:  If a devout Catholic baker believes that divorce is a sin, does he have the right under President Trump's Executive Order for Religious Freedom to deny making a wedding cake if he recognizes a fellow parishioner who divorced his wife, was not given an annulment, and now is marrying without having a Catholic wedding?

In my opinion, he would not have the right to do so but the Supreme Court would have to render the final say on this matter. However, I feel that the Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court would rule in favor of the baker.

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31/07/2018 11:57 am  

First of it is only a freaking cake. If you can't get the cake you want one place go somewhere else or go with a cookie table. 

Second the person could just order the cake without inscription and thus not trigger the baker's personal beliefs.  Should that baker be forced to decorate a cake with swastikas on i?  How about gang symbols?  How about sexual images? 

Freedom, to me, is to be able to follow your person values as long as it does no physical harm another person.  

Being a grownup, if I was the fellow parishioner I would tell the baker that was his choice, I respected his values, and finically he shove his mixing spoon where the sun don't shine. Then I would take my business to the Presbyterian baker down the street.  


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