"FEAR: Trump in the White House" by Bob Woodward  


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14/09/2018 5:03 pm  
This book was just released on Sept. 11, so, I purchased it on that  morning and I finished reading this explosive book that afternoon.  The author, Bob Woodward, is THE Bob Woodward who wrote the famous book about Watergate.
I'm sure this book will reach #1 on the NY Times Best Seller list in no time flat.
Bob Woodward describes the President as a man who envisions fear as the real power.  Donald Trump has to lie and deny the truth. He cannot apologize because an apology is a weakness.
Trump calls Jeff Sessions "a dumb Southerner" who is mentally retarded and an idiot.  He has a vendetta against the Attorney General for recusing himself from the Russian collusion investigation.  
Former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, called President Trump a (censored) moron.  
Question: Have you read this book, and if you did, do you think everything Bob Woodward states is the truth or FAKE NEWS?  Or, do you have no interest to read this book?
I believe the book to be accurate because Bob Woodward is a Pulitzer Prize winning author.


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15/09/2018 2:35 pm  

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25/11/2018 1:12 am  

The President implies that anyone with whom he disagrees can't be trusted, including the FBI, the CIA, the court system, the press, individual politicians, etc.   He refuses to recognize the plight of foreigners seeking refuge from threatening countries, categorizing many of them as criminals.  He prefers to put his faith in questionable foreign leaders rather than American institutions.  He wants to change trade and arms agreements via questionable arbitration. He has granted huge tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations while pushing for cuts in critical social programs.  His comments frequently defy the proven truth. 

This country needs to be concerned.  This is a President who seems more aligned with dictatorship than democracy.

Impeachment?  No, because that only encourages the public to believe the Vice President has a more reasonable political philosophy.  He doesn't, and the public runs the risk of having him for two consecutive administrations.  

The answer comes with the next Presidential election, and the time to start thinking about it is now.


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