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Editorial Contributors

Left-Right Politics Today is seeking Guest Editorial Contributors to this website.

This is your chance to get your opinions heard beyond your social media feeds and with the possibility of generating revenue in the future*

You can become an Editorial Contributor to this site in one of 2 ways:

  • Login to the forums and post there first, then send us an email expressing your interest in contributing editorials.
  • You can also email us your editorial post and we can post it for you.

Either way, contact us and/or send us an email expressing your interest.


We would like editorials on relevant political issues from all political perspectives

Editorials need to be close to 300 words or more on any current political topic.  This is because search engines recognize that level of analysis on a topic and writing 300 words requires putting some thought into it. If you site facts or statistics, please include a link to the source.

If the site traffic becomes high enough to realize advertising revenue from search engines beyond covering site expenses, we will compensate editorial contributors based on pageviews of their posts per month, in recognition of their content contribution and also to encourage further submissions of political editorials.

*We reserve the right of post selection based on relevancy and information presented. We encourage editorials from all political perspectives and will post the best editorials from all perspectives. We reserve the right of post review for offensive and obscene language, spelling and grammatical corrections, and to make minor word revisions in order to gain greater search engine visibility, and will set the metatags. We will try to optimize your posts for you to gain greater search engine visibility.