Is It Possible?

1. Upon returning from the Soviet Union, Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina live with Oswald’s uncle who is an associate of New Orleans mafia chieftain Carlos Marcello.

2. Marcello has been instrumental to the operation of mafia casinos in Cuba during the Batista regime.

3. The CIA considers approaching the mafia about assassinating Castro, but there is some evidence the mob is more interested in working out a deal with Castro to reinstate the casinos in Cuba, and Robert Kennedy becomes concerned about the difficulty of continuing to prosecute mafia figures should an assassination be successful.

4 Oswald is believed to have attempted shooting an American military general who opposed Castro.

5. Oswald is seen on a sidewalk in New Orleans carrying a sign that reads “Fair play to”Cuba.”

6. Oswald travels to Mexico to meet with officials there about getting a passport into Cuba, but fails.

7. Carlos Marcello is deported from the United States by Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

8. With assistance from mafia associates, Marcello manages to return to the U.S. He is livid about the Kennedys and makes statements to associates about retaliatiation.

9. As a mogul in the motion picture industry during Prohibition, Joseph Kennedy Sr. enlists the assistance of the Capone operation to smuggle illegal whiskey across the Canadian border for corporate meetings.

10. Prior to the Kennedy Presidency, both Robert and John Kennedy conduct congressional investigations into the mafia.

11. When John Kennedy runs for the Presidency, his father requests that mafia heads instruct unions in West Virginia to vote for his son .

12. Frank Sinatra becomes closely associated with John Kennedy through his friendship with Peter Lawford. During the campaign, Sinatra supports Kennedy, connects him with
mafia girlfriends, and records a campaign song for him. After Kennedy becomes President, Attorney General Robert Kennedy advises his brother to disassociate his friendship with Sinatra.
No longer welcome at the White House,
an infuriated Sinatra reportedly complains to his mafia friends, who are equally angry. Later, Sinatra supports Richard Nixon.

13. As attorney General, Robert Kennedy continues his investigation of the mafia, particularly the Teamsters’ Union and James Hoffa, and again goes after Marcello.

14. The New Orleans mafia has close connections to the Dallas mob, including Jack Ruby. Though considered a minor player, Ruby keeps in contact with New Orleans mob figures. As a young man,
Ruby, though Jewish, is a “runner” for the Chicago Capone gang.

15. After moving to Dallas, Oswald is reportedly seen by employees sitting in Ruby’s establishment with some other men. The Warren Commission apparently refuses to interview the employees.

16. There is some reason to believe Ruby may have been acquainted with Oswald and upon discovering he probably assassinated the President, kills him. It is unlikely he did it as a mob “hit.”

17. Oswald was highly impressionable and needed to feel important. He was surrounded by mafia influence and was well aware of their resentment for the
Kennedys It is not unreasonable to assume they might have encouraged him to kill the President, knowing he would be dismissed by the authorities merely as a psychotic.

Though it is only a theory and we may never know with any certainty, the situation nevertheless seems suspicious.